All About Love


This past month was a whirlwind of emotions for me; some good and some bad.

I closed out the month when I spent the weekend traveling back to the place of my youth, and experienced anxiety right as I got off the plane. I should have guessed that my flight being delayed was an omen for the entire weekend.

Contrary to the “bad” emotions above, a distinct emotion I was feeling the entire month was the power and energy of love. Love that can bring two people, two families, and different countries together to experience, watch, and share a vision. Such as Prince Harry and Megan Markle, who tied the knot on May 19th. Yes, I follow them. Their televised affair brought 29 million Americans together along with millions of other viewers around the world. I woke up at 4am to watch the ceremony that was meticulously planned out to deliver a larger message of love and unity during this divisive time.

A week after the Royal wedding, I traveled back to the place of my youth, good ‘ol Oklahoma and Arkansas, where I witnessed two individuals finally combining the chapters of their lives together.


I’ve seen this couple grow as individuals and as partners- from witnessing the first stages of their love story during middle school, their first heartbreak, their disagreements, and through it all, they’ve stuck and chosen each other, even when they were long distance. And fourteen years later, they brought two families together to rejoice in their union. They’re truly inspiring.


This feeling of love, the power of endorphins, the connection of chemistry, and the freedom to choose- the concept of love is so moving, it takes a person with courage to fully open up and allow this wave of emotion to enter. And for two people to find and choose each other, out of the millions of people in the world and the hundreds infront of them,  proves that the energy of love is powerful.


Yes, I hoped that it was love, for it to be the emotion I was feeling…