Art that feels like me



FUSE Gallery

ALOUD. The moniker that drove the artists in the first exhibition at FUSE gallery space at AEDA.


Last week I had the pleasure of attending a curated show by designer Christina Vang. With her leadership and dedication to highlighting SE Asian artists, Christina, along with the team at AEDA, configured the multi-use space into a gallery filled with art by Anisha Yang, Nicollazzi Xiong, Peter Phung, Tori Hong, Xee Reiter, and Pa Na Lor.


Since relocating to Minneapolis 3 years ago, I have worked for various artist initiatives that aim to create space for POCI artists and art supporters. I have yet stepped into a multi-use space dedicated to SE Asian communities, let alone an exhibition supporting SE Asian artists.

The number of folks who attended the show displays the need for spaces dedicated to uplifting and showcasing art that doesn’t fall under the institutionalized Western canon. The curation of art that doesn’t exoticize communities and isolate the stories of the hands who created them. We need art that mirrors our growing culture, and spaces that validate our existence. And this is the essence of ALOUD, open until June 3rd.